Social Skills Detective Club

During this 6-week group, we invite kids with ADHD (8-12 yrs) to join our social detectives club. Together we will practice fun strategies for developing friendships, spotting social clues, and unraveling the mysterious secrets of popularity.

Just the facts...

Date: Saturday, Aug. 17th - Sept. 28th (not on 9/7)

Time: 10 am - 11:30 am

Location: ADHD Child & Family Services

Cost: $40 per session ($240)

Group Size:6-8

To register please call, 971-302-7374.  Registration is due by August 12th.  We offer priority enrollment to clients of ADHD Child & Family Services, but all are welcome to apply. This group is led by two professionally trained therapists.

Lara Cannon Clinic Director, Child & Family Therapist

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