Parenting ADHD Workshop

Our Parenting ADHD workshop begins Thursday, Nov. 7th from 6 pm - 7:30 pm.  This parents only group meets weekly for four weeks.  
Nov. 7th:  Understanding ADHD (the diagnosis, the challenges, and the strengths).  Led by Lara Cannon, LPC, mental health therapist.
Nov. 14th:  Effective parenting strategies for raising a child with ADHD. How to decrease drama, increase effort, and improve emotional wellbeing.  Led by Lara Cannon, LPC, mental health therapist.
Nov. 21st: Educational Supports for ADHD.  Learn about the IEP and 504 plan and other educational resources for ADHD.  Led by Kerri Russel, MS, Special Education.
Dec. 5th:  Health & Nutrition for ADHD.  Led by Iris Briand, RDN, Registered Dietician.
Lara Cannon Clinic Director, Child & Family Therapist

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