What kind of jokes does the CDC recommend?

Inside jokes  :)

I hope that made you smile.  Smiling has lots of positive benefits on your body and your mind, so please smile often.  To boost your immune systems and reduce boredom, here are some activities you can do at home.

Something-To-Do Box

Let's get started.  Help your kids find a big box they can fill with activities and games.  This is a great time to put those Amazon boxes to use! To turn up the fun, call it a treasure hunt.  

Once you find a box, look around your house for tools and materials you can use to make your box feel and look special.  No need to go shopping. This is a great opportunity to put your child's creativity to work.  

Once you have created a "Something-To-Do Box," help your child to search for toys that they hardly ever use. Ask your child to put the toys in the box (allowing time to play with them before they go inside). Once you have a good selection, close the box up and store out of sight. We will visit this box be continued.


Watching Seeds Grow

Three or four dried beans
Paper towels
Glass jar

Help your child with the following experiment (if you soak the beans in water overnight, they will grow faster):

1) LIne a glass jar with damp paper towels.
2) Place 3-4 beans between the towels and the jar so you can see them.
3) Add a little warm water to the bottom of the jar each day as needed to keep the paper towels damp.
4) Encourage your child to check the seeds from time to time for signs of growth.

When the plant is about two inches tall, it can be planted outdoors. Watch for changes that take place, more leaves, blossoms, and tiny beans.

Homemade Marionettes

Stuffed animals
Stick, ruler, or paper towel tube

You can make a simple marionette for your child to play with by attaching (tying tightly or sewing) strings to the heads, arms, and legs of a stuffed animal. Attach the other strings to the stick, ruler, or paper towel tube. If the stuffed animals do not have parts that move, strings attached to the front and back ends of the body will do.

Let your child pull the strings to see what how it makes the toy move, and see what stories they invent on their own and what feelings they choose to express in their play. Sometimes it's easier for a child to express a real feeling through a puppet than it is to say it straight out.


Cornstarch Modeling Dough (Homemade Air Dry Clay)


2 cups salt

1 cup cornstarch

1 1/2 cups water

Cook the ingredients over medium heat until the mixture thickens.  Cool before handling, then knead it like dough.

This makes great beads.  Once it is dry (2-3 days) it can be carved, sanded, and painted.

Fabric Cards

Are you feeling a loss of connection? Is social distancing getting tiresome?  Help bridge the divide while creating simple cards for friends, grandparents, or even a teacher who might be feeling the same way.

Small scraps of fabric
Yarn, ribbon, or lace
Liquid glue
Heavy paper
Envelope + stamp

Fold a heavy piece of paper (or paper bag) in half and decorate the outside with scraps of paper. While your child is working encourage them to talk about the person they are missing. After they have covered the outside of the card with scraps, help them make up and write a message inside. When they are finished, talk about how they feel when they make something special to give to the people they love.

Addressing, stamping, and mailing envelope can be part of the fun too.

Lara Cannon Clinic Director, Child & Family Therapist

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